Death Kiss (Bleeder) - Level 13 Solo Controller

(Click to read without bleeding from your eyes)

The Death Kiss was a 1st ed, 2nd ed monster I always loved, and I decided to update it to 4e to throw at Shnecke and the gang. Alas, as you shall soon see, they didn't fight it. However, I'll put it up here so, should you want to unleash this horrible relative of the Beholder on your players, you have it!



  1. I first encountered the death kiss in the Undermountain boxed set and really liked how it twisted player expectation about a beholder. You've done a great job replicating it blood drain ability for 4e. There are some nice solo type powers in there as well (aberrant composition, aberrant control), that insure this beast will be a challenging encounter all by itself.

  2. Glad you like it. I was gutted when they didn't face it (I'm sure I can get one in one of my other campaigns sooner or later though :) )


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