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Friday, 1 June 2012

Some House Rules We Are Trying

One of things in the DnD Next playtest I did like was the return to a less strict move action. I must admit, at times in 4e, the inability of folks to move a bit, take another action and then finish their move has been a bit jarring, and I've been meaning to do something about it for a while. So, in the next few games (save the Shnecke's Wolves game, where a few players have made unhappy noises), I am going to be testing out the following rules. I'll let you know how they work out!

A move action allows a character to undertake all the actions described in the core rules, with one exception – a normal move may be broken down into several stages.

For Example: A fighter with a speed of 6 could move 3 squares towards an enemy, attack them, and then move 3 squares away. This would trigger an Opportunity Attack as usual (as the fighter had moved more than 1 square on his turn).

A move away from an enemy triggers an Opportunity Attack if the character has moved more than 1 square in their turn (unless other factors prevent it). So, if the fighter above had moved 5 squares before attacking, and then moved 1, he would still provoke the Opportunity Attack, as he had moved more than 1 square in his turn.

Shifting remains unchanged.

The above rules allow for some more flexibility in the battlefield, without treading on the toes of the strikers (who tend to be able to move away from enemies without triggering Opportunity Attacks). It is also unlikely to have too much impact on defenders, as they are designed to get in the faces of the enemy, and keep them locked down. The rules above allow groups to form fluid lines of attack and defence, which should – in theory – speed up battles. It also makes Skirmisher monster's that bit more lethal, as they tend to get a lot of free movement, which in combination with their total speeds, gives them unparalleled manoeuvrability on the battlefield.


  1. It should also make opportunity attacks come up a bit more often. There's been a few things kicking around our game triggered by opportunity attacks which never seem to come up.

  2. I think it sounds like a good idea. It will add some flexibility to ranged melee and spell casters, but not impact greatly on hand-to-hand combat. Fighters etc already have the gamble of 'move away vs opportunity attack' but now it will be an option more often.

  3. It worked really well in the first playtest. There was a lovely moment where the barbarian took out an enemy, used the rest of his move to close in on another and then spent an action point to hit them. It *did* cause a LOT more opportunity attacks, but that actually saw enemies dying quicker, and gave several classes chances to use Vs OA powers that normally rarely saw use.

    Skirmishers *really* move around the board now, and a party without a mobile striker is really going to stuggle to tie them down if a defender or controller can't pin them down.

    I'll try to talk the group into giving it a whirl tomorrow. I think they will be surprised at how it turns out!


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