Staving Off The Coming Apocalypse...

Apocalypse, apparently, literally means a "Great Revealing", and come October, I suspect my players and myself will have it revealed how easily we can create and update characters without the Wizards of the Coast official builder. Truth is, the official D&D site is no longer worth the subscription to me, and although I reserve the right to change my mind later, I object to pay for a tool (the OCB) that is buggy, *still* won't let me properly enter in custom items or powers, and runs like treacle at the North Pole.

The Compendium is still a valuable tool, but you can search it (without accessing stats) without a sub, which is good enough for learning which book to find something in (I have dead tree versions of almost every 4e book, as I have never had enough faith in Hasbro to keep the electronic tools available / worth the money), and I have utterly ignored the monster builder, as I use the always amazing (and free) DnD4e Combat Manager to run my games and store my monsters.

We will not discuss the soon to be deceased VTT (The VTT is dead, long live the VTT)

In truth, I mainly used to subscribe for the 4e gaming content on the site, which sadly, is now sparse, and lost beneath a thousand thinly disguised adverts for new products, and tiresome DnD Next blather. I just tend to spend my time grinding my teeth when I am on the site, and wishing that they would release their e-tools as a set of discs I could buy, install, and run without the sub.

Which brings me to the actual point of this post. A while back I bought a pretty cheap little app off, which is an automated character sheet with built in dice, and it's quite nice. So, I thought I would bring it to your attention, just in case you, like me, are looking for an alternative to the WoTc online toolset.

Access it HERE or try the free version HERE


  1. Nice find.

    I'm with almost everyone else in the world when I say that as soon as they realise that what people want isn't necessarily a new edition, but access to as much as is possible of all the editions, WotC will make a lot of people very happy happy indeed. I believe there's even a petition knocking around int internet somewhere summing that much better than I just did..

  2. Oooh, I need to find and sign that - for all the good it will do :(


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