Tomb of Horrors Weekender

So, my conversion of S1 murdered and maimed this weekend. and yes, there was one TPK. Below are links to the zipped recordings of both games. They are pretty big, but worth a listen. I won't spoil it for you by telling you which group won...

Once I get some time, I shall get the conversion notes I made linked to up here too, as well as some photos!

::Edit - Some serious potty mouth is found on both recordings - you have been warned!::


  1. I downloaded group one. I stopped at 33 minutes, when you were counting the length of the corridor. Someone made the comment about the tediousness and the listener. So there is no confusion, I want to hear both of these, but the first one is 8 hours. Ack!

    Any chance that you will edit these down or provide highlights?

    The competitive point system sounded fun, but 5 hours to get to the Acererak? Is that possible?

  2. LOL. Nope, no chance of reaching him in 5 hours as it turns out. I may get round to splitting them up at some point, but I'm pretty busy at the moment, and HATE much is the I can't promise :D


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