Dromite Player Characters

Sorry for the lack of new stuff. I have been a busy little fellow in the real world, and so have not had time to get much down. 

Do you remember the Dromite? I do, and I was always a bit gutted that no one ever player one in 3.5. However, at the moment I am busily converting quite a few races from earlier editions up to 4e (it's incredible how much more custom stuff I have been creating since cutting off reliance on the rigid, official tools), and although copyright stops me from publishing most of them (I long to show you my Duodrone race, but it's based on the recent article in Dragon, so I can't), the Dromite is still part of the old SRD, so I think I am cool...I hope. 

Anway, I have created a 4e player race version of the "Bug Men", and although they are not play tested, think they should be cool.

If you do use it, please let me know how it goes, and how the feats and powers balance out. 

Have fun!