Rending the Veil - Resurrection Post Sundering

"I'm losing control!”

Grigori is almost being torn apart by the primal forces he has summoned, and can feel his body and spirit being ripped away. Fear almost overwhelms him, almost makes him mispronounce a phrase, as he dwells on where the black winds he has called would take him.

The entire inn now resonates with spiritual energy. Every part of it shines with a dazzling foxfire glow, and balls of ghostly flame dance along its roof. The inn keep wails at the sight of his home being consumed by Maho, and Lia suddenly sees Shi leap to her feet, her hand on her sword.”

- Shnecke's Wolves

It is almost impossible to properly describe the sheer scale of the destruction wrought on the fabric of reality by the Sundering, though any mage or dabbler in even the most minor of magics can tell you of the risks associated with tampering with the dimensional veil of this universe. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise – given the previous impact of the Paradox Engine on such magics – that rituals intended to return the dead to life often go wrong...horribly wrong. Such rituals are not only reaching beyond the quivering walls of this damaged reality, but are opening active gates between the physical world, and psychical realms utterly hostile to mortal life. If not carefully controlled, these rituals can not only kill the casters, but summon foul undead things, permanently bathe an area in death energies, or see the target possessed by a malevolent entity instead of the expected soul...

(Note: Although this is aimed at games set in my world post sundering, the rules could easily be adopted in any campaign where you don't want raising the dead to be such an easy thing...)