The Single Most Sensible Thing Wizards Have Said In Ages

Just heard (announced at the keynote speech at Gen Con) that they plan to release electronic versions of the rulebooks for all editions of D&D in the future...Wizards, you are finally showing some intelligence!

I can guarantee that I will not only buy e-book versions of almost all the 4e stuff, but a lot of the older stuff I don't already have (you may have noticed that I tend to use my older edition books a LOT when I am looking for weird and wonderful monsters to throw at my group).

Please let this mark an age of them actually acknowledging that supporting those that have chosen not to play the current iteration of D&D is a good would be nice...really, really nice!

Also, much as I find the Forgotten Realms one of the dullest settings ever, I love the idea that home group play results will shape the future of the official setting. That really is a lovely and masterful plan - kind of a MMORPG in paper form (though...wait....wasn't that supposedly bad before ;P )

I should probably mention that the latest playtest pack is out, and it seems a little more cohesive now. I converted one of the monsters in it to 4e in about 10 minutes (though due to the small print in the OPTA I can't put it up here). Craig (of Ormid fame) is playing a game of it soon, so I will ask him to maybe give me his thoughts for public devourment...


  1. hey man, not there myself, so getting a lot of news from the blogs, but when they say 'rulebooks', does that just cover Players, DMG and a monster manual for each ed., or are they going whole hog?

  2. As far as I am aware, the whole hog. Yay!


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