Steel Separatist Grunt - Level 4 Soldier Minion

Firstly, this is a bit spoilery if you happen to be one of the players in the "Newbie" group, as you have not yet met (or battled) these guys. However, I feel like sharing, and so, present to you the foot soldiers of the "Steel Separatist" movement - a group of Warforged dedicated to the teachings of the Ebon Eye, who cause all sorts of problems in Irin in the first centuries following the Sundering. 

Fiercely opposed to the Unified Order's strong presence in Irin (their last bastion), these warforged want all their kind to throw off the shackles of their human oppressors, and to rise up and take the ancient city. Many of their kind however understand that this would be a fruitless war that would simply see them exterminated, and so, at the time the campaign is set, nothing has happened...but tensions are rising. Word has got out that the avatar of the Ebon Eye has appeared in the New Forge district (A.K.A. Clanktown), and that strange and potent new warforged, bearing the marks of divine transformation are abroad amongst their mundane brethren, seeking to enhance them for the battles to come...

...But there are other machine Gods about, and it seems unlikely that The Veteran in the very least will allow the Ebon Eye to go unchallenged.