"Carsan was hurt, really hurt, and that last healing potion he had downed didn't seem to be doing a damn thing. Shaking his head to clear away the cobwebs, and trying to ignore the cold, leaden ache that was turning his shaking legs to stone, he focused on the Hand of Iniquity mage before him.
A line of sizzling power suddenly sprang from their fingers, and Carsan wasn't fast enough to dodge it; the icy energy sealing his legs in burning shackles of preternatural ice. Screaming in pain, he tried to struggle against the spell's grip – and to his amazement felt the “broken” potion stir within him; filling his body with warmth and power, sealing his wounds, and giving him the might to break free from the icy bindings, leap across the space between him and the mage, and throttle the life from them..."