Belt of False Life (Level 5+ Waist Slot Item)

Of course, these items were found in 3.0 / 3.5, as well as DDO. However, they never appeared in 4e, probably due worries that they may unbalance the maths of the game. However, I see no real issue with them, especially as a rare item, and so, present to you, the Belt of False Life (though they are often referred to as Lesser, and Greater belts in the case of the Level 5, and Level 25 versions). 


  1. This item doesn't exist in 4E, but the Brooch of Vitality (neck slot) does.
    It gives 5 hit points at level 15, and 20 hit points at level 30.

  2. Ah, well spotted :D. I'm assuming that's an uncommon item?

  3. Yep, I spend time to go through supplements to find items.
    That way the PCs get interesting items.


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