Ormid et al - Session Report, November 5th, 2012


Compiled by Jazaar Vheln, 10/6/51.

Firstly, many apologies for the lateness of this report. Untangling what happened in that cursed ruin has been harder than you might have thought, especially given the momentous events that were to follow, and the effects on our city. However, as requested, I have managed to piece together a good idea of the events that lead to the honoured mage, Tssel Agthyr, not only losing her mortal life, but being converted into a corrupted shade. I have also been able to determine that, despite public opinion to the contrary, the “Heroes” of Lorehaven were not to blame, and that her loss was the result of a horrific encounter with a corrupted and potent enemy.

Events Leading To The Fatal Encounter

The street battle of the 15th day of Jhena, is now common knowledge throughout the city, and has become something of a local legend. The fact that the Lorehavian adventurer's were able to survive, let alone defeat the Vault Guard of House Kythus has elevated them to the status of demigods in many Kadashite eyes. However, this also forced House Kythus to organise a meeting with the group – a meeting to which His most Blessed and Wise Ladyship, Lord Ashana Na'Desha arrived, accompanied by her silent guard and her personal protector, the Half-Giant G'Taal. With the majordomo of the First House present, the northerners were questioned, and it seems that their logic for their violent conduct was only partly justified.

This only became more apparent when it came to light that the group had based their opinion of House Kythus (an opinion they had allowed to shape their actions) on an apparent lie told by the majordomo of House Zaul – a known rival of Kythus. This lead, it seems to an argument, in which the northerners failed to show the appropriate deference to his Ladyship, and as such, left, telling the heads of the houses that they could sort their own Dracane problem out.

This, I understand, lead to majorodomo Ashana approaching the group some time later with the rune sequence for an ancient (Pre Chaos) teleport circle, carved by an order of lost Tammatulian magi, but still active. This happened on the night of the 15th, and it is my understanding that the group used the sequence early the next day.

Tssel's Fall

Divinations would indicate that the opening ritual proceeded without issue. However, the mage stronghold to which the portal lead was suffused with the toxic radiations of an apparently conterminous shadow dimension, which had, for reasons that remain unclear, also began to resonate at the same planar harmonics as the physical prime. This saw the group, including the late Tssel, immediately put at risk of spiritual and physical corruption from exposure to these raw, tenebrous energies.

It appears that there was some kind of security system in place around the arrival chamber, which involved the activation of certain arcane switches, and the manipulation of fields of force energy to bypass. However, the party were stopped from trying to operate this system by the arrival of a number of powerful, shadow creatures – apparently the spiritual residue of the ancient mages that once dwelt in the compound, and some of their victims. One particularly potent creature – possibly a gestalt of fallen individuals – is also divined to have manifested, its mere presence deleterious to non-shadow lifeforms.

The group were forced to engage these elusive foes in what seems to have been one of the most testing battles of their long and brutal careers, and it seems that it was during this manic battle that Tssel fell, her soul tainted by the unnatural energies of shadow. It was this pollution of her soul that ultimately lead to her rising shortly after as an undead shade.

As for the group, we know they left the compound immediately after the battle to heal and plan. It seems they were more than a little taken aback by the sheer deadliness of their encounter, and that they wished to better arm themselves for any subsequent encounters with the shadowed undead.

It was at this time that we were informed of our sister's fall.


As I pen these words, we are unsure as to what happened once the northerners returned. We do know that terrible upheavals have shaken the ancient city, and that potent magics have been unleashed there. We too have felt the echoes of this power, and wonder what we have done to deserve such horror. 

We have no word at present as to their whereabouts, or whether or not they have been successful in slaying the Blue Lord. Divinations suggest that something more terrible than even that venerable Dracane have awoken within the shattered heart of ancient Tammatuli.

May Yana, Mistress of the Wastes protect us. May Shaava guide us. May Orandiel grant us good fortune. May Skren bless us with wealth.