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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy (Belated) Yule and New Cycle

Just a quick "Happy Xmas", and an advanced "Happy New Year"...hopefully the new year will bring a little order and sanity to my world, and I can get back to some regular dice slinging and player crushing...I...err..mean GMing....

Anyway, I hope you all got plenty of magic items for Xmas (and that they were your level +3), and I hope that the new cycle is peaceful, profitable and safe for you all (rolls for random encounters).

I plan, some time soon, to produce a .pdf with all the house rules and stuff from 2012 in it and making it available for download. Time is my main enemy at the moment, but do it I shall...

Anyway, coming soon, more of Shnecke's Wolves, Ormid et Al, Some stuff from the Newbie game and the soon to be Spelljammer Campaign I'm gonna' be running. More monsters, items, spells, some new powers, more adjusted races, ship feats, my expanded ship combat rules (simple but - so far - effective), and a ton of other stuff....time....time is the enemy...

See ya!

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