New Game Ideas...

Real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of things, and at the moment, the real life pressures of work for some of my players has seen the wonderful Ormid, Veteran and Llewellyn game grind to a near halt. It's still ongoing (no damn way I'm stopping so close to epic tier), but finding a night when we can all meet up is proving almost impossible most weeks.

So, to stop those of us left behind withering, a new "side game" is to be started, and I have been busy coming up with some ideas. I thought I would share them with you and ask, would you play in any of these?

HORROR RECOVERY SQUAD: when the Durance Occulta (Unified Order Maximum Security Prison) failed during the Sundering, thousands of utterly vile individuals, entities and sentient items escaped into the world, free to work their malevolent agendas once more. Some 10 years after the initial confusion and horror of the Sundering, a special squad of potent mages and their allies are assembled to hunt down and re-imprison (or destroy) these are part of that squad.

GUILD WARS: The Golden Age of unity and brotherhood is over. Relationships between the four great guilds have soured, and recently, the Western Guild unleashed a devastating attack against the Southern Guild. Now a state of war exists between them, and they are both calling on the Eastern and Western guilds for aid. Alas, they have provoked the paranoia of the two warring guilds (and each other) by remaining silent. War is a certainty...who will you be allied with and what part will you, or won't you play?

VOID QUESTORS: You have scraped together a small crew, and a small ship, and set off as an independent in the void. Arbel'Verdaniss, Raajil, Chillosta and the other worlds of the Soluri systems are but stops as you ply your trade (whatever it is) amongst the stars and on the worlds of the void.

FOURTH AGE: At the end of the Third Age, the magos within the Tomb of the Dreaming God died, the magic dead reality shrouded by his dreams returned, and almost every major civilisation ceased to exist. Billions died. Diseases once cured with a prayer tore through nations and enemies long kept underfoot by potent magical defences rose in force to annihilate their old oppressors. The Gods, weakened by the loss of so many, retreated, and few if any of the old master races still exist; surviving in pockets of magic rich terrain spawned by falling Mythen Stones.
You play either a greenskin, now one of the dominant tribes, or members of one of the fearful, fallen races, desperately seeking some way to return to dominance in a world overrun by monstrous foes and almost devoid of magic.

STANDARD GAME, STANDARD PERIOD: Normal adventuring in one of the less turbulent periods of history. Your standard dungeoneering, village saving, cult destroying game...