Ring of Shooting Stars - Level 18 Rare

I'm in the process of converting H2 - The Mines of Bloodstone to 4e. The reasons for this shall be revealed soon, no doubt, but for now know this; it's got to be awesome. So, whilst converting one encounter, I noticed an old magic item that I was unsure as to whether it got a 4e conversion. As I am no longer a subscriber to DDI, I couldn't look it up, and a quick glance through the books didn't reveal its presence. Therefore, I decided to create my own 4e version of the classic Ring of Shooting Stars - a potent (and rare) ring that allows its wearer to manifest a variety of utility and offensive powers. I hope this brings back some nice memories for you!

Please note that the original Ring of Shooting Stars is from 1st Edition AD&D (or at least, the version I based this on)