Zombie Plague (Level 5 Disease)

(Quick bit of nastiness for you direct from my phone's note pad of D&D ideas to develop. Hope you like this rather unusual - mechanics speaking - disease)
RECOVERY: To recover,  an individual must make three successful Endurance checks in a row.

EFFECT: At the end of each extended rest,  the victim makes a D.C.  19 Endurance check. Failure means the number of Healing Surges they have is reduced by one until they are cured.

If they would be reduced to 0 Healing Surges (when they die),  or die whilst infected with this disease,  they rise 1 minute later as a Zombie.

SYMPTOMS: Fever,  shaking,  nightmares,  hallucinations,  hunger (once half surges have been reached,  this is for blood and raw meat.  Each time a creature is first wounded within line of sight of the victim,  they must make a saving throw or be dazed (save ends) as they wrestle with their hunger.),  clammy skin,  sweating, stridor,  death,  reanimation.