Adventure Report - Ormid et al - The Blue Lords Lair (Part 1)

(Note: Normally I will sumarise an entire adventure in each report. However, to show you how the new format will look, here is the last game in a few paragraphs...)

(Covering Events from 18:30 19/5/51 to 19:45 19/5/51)

During their extended rest, Ormid and the group speak to the aenochian about what lies below. They are told that the Dracane lairs deep beneath their feet, coming and going by unknown means. There is another entrance however, which is used by its servants, the Nahokir'Gigorim (Sand Giants), and it is this entrance that the group can most easily access.

The Sealed Rune warriors have only seen the outermost chamber, which they inform the group is usually watched over by one or more of the gigorim. They report that a single, stone door leads from that chamber deeper into the ruins, and that this door is flanked by two strange, mirrored crystals, that float above the ground. They suggest that the group pretend to be members of the Sealed Rune, as the gigorim know that the warriors of that order, for their own reasons, seek to protect their Lord, and as such, will not expect attack.

On waking, the group are shown the long flight of stairs that leads to the outer chamber. At the bottom they encounter a Nahokir'Gigorim Elementalist, who quickly realises (thanks to the rogues comments about wanting payment – something the Sealed Rune never ask for) that they are not who they claim to be, and attacks. The Elementalist summons a Type II Daemon (Hezrou), and raises the alarm.

The crystals are somehow linked to the Dracane's own chambers, and allow it to spit its lightning breath into the chamber.

The group defeat the monsters, though this proves difficult. They interrogate the gigorim, and after it tells them a little of what lies ahead, and after it opens the door before them, they let it limp away.

A short rest, and they move into the next room. Llewellyn disables some Fire Glyphs that ward the corridor ahead, and the group enter a collapsed chamber, held up by eight brightly coloured pillars, each of which bears repeating symbol designs. At least two other pillars lie pulverised in the rubble at the back.

Ormid works out that the pillar symbols mean (From the entrance to the back); Fire, Acid, Cold and Poison. There appears to be no magic or mechanism attached to any pillar. A check is made to see if anyone can decipher any relationship between the elements described, which is failed (and players also come up with nothing).

A permanent illusion covers a collapsed tunnel at the back (discovered by Llewellyn), making it appear to be part of the rubble. The group enter this, annoyed that they have wasted time on the apparently purely decorative pillars.

A narrow but high tunnel that slopes ahead for about 50'. At its end a stone door blocks egress, carved with a leering draconic head. A magic mouth roars something at them in a language none speak, and the rogue triggers a powerful trap on the door by answering it back without any idea what it has asked. He then, with Ormid's help, disables the trap and opens the door.

Beyond is a wide and high chamber, who's floor is made up to tessellating tiles, each bearing either one of the sigils from the pillars in the previous room, or an unknown sigil. The group take a lot of time (and get Ormid's Onyx Dog killed) working out how to progress. They identify that many of the sigils are meaningless, though one refers to Electricity. Ormid then realises that the symbols refer to the breath weapon types of chromatic dracani, and they decide to try and move across the floor, treading on the sigils in the order they were carved on the pillars above. They are unsure as to whether they should tread on the lightning sigil, or ignore it. They decide to risk it – though Veteran goes through on his own as the toughest member of the party – and tread on the lighting glyph.

They are successful in bypassing the chamber, and as the warforged treads on the lightning symbol, so the walls ahead fold out, revealing a chamber beyond, within which something made entirely of leaping lightning and whirling plasma rages – some kind of construct made from the Dracane's own breath weapon...