Times Are A Changin'

So, as well as a new job, getting married next year, and moving house, I am going to be getting me a newborn in the autumn. This of course means that I am going to have even less free time than I already do...which means I need to cut back on a few things.

Now then, obviously, I'm not stopping gaming - I need my D&D to keep me out of Xix' realm. However, I am going to be stopping the regular game updates here, or at least, in the format they currently are. I do intend to continue to put more and more new 4e crunchy material up here, as this is not a problem time wise (I make it up for my campaigns).
However, starting with the next Ormid et al update, I am going to be doing entire adventure summaries - that is, as each adventure concludes, I am going to be giving a brief overview of what happens, what monsters and traps were overcome, what NPC's they met etc etc, without going into the normal "story" level of description.

It sucks, but it also makes sense. It also means I can give you stats for all those yummy things I just listed as part of the write ups.

I suspect most readers are here for the crunch rather than the fluff, so this shouldn't bother too many. To the rest of you....the little ones will grow up in a few....ummm..years so, you know, just hold fast!

Anyway, I have a new house rule I am going to test out to tell you about soon, so go away and let me type!