Quantifying Epic Minions

The idea of epic minions is a weird one when you think about it. I mean, to be an epic enemy, you have to either be incredibly powerful by dint of your natural abilities and immunities, or have to have worked your way into that incredible sphere of power. So, why would a 21st+ level creature only have 1 hit point?

This has been floating around my brain quite a bit lately, as Ormid and the gang finally hit level 21, and are about to open the gateway into the Eastern Guild, and to unleash the “joys” lying within. I know I will make use of minions quite a bit, but something about it initially rang as wrong. However, after pondering the issue for a while, I realised that there is (kind of) one way to rationalise it (other than “it's a game stupid, stop being so anal about it”).

Epic minions, despite being “epic level”, may, in some cases, represent “normal” creatures of lower levels, in their power relative to the epic characters. In other words, the rock hard warforged knight who kicked your butt at level 13 is now a mere minion to you – still capable of inflicting some hurt on you if given a chance, but just not equipped to stand up to you for very long. If we think about a lot of epic minions this way, they make a bit more sense. It also highlights again the huge void in power and scope that opens between “normal” folk and the epic hero.

I'll be musing a lot I suspect about epic tier play here, and will soon have some monsters, powers, items and other goodies for you...

What do you think of the above?