More on Roll20

So, the test of Roll20 was a howling success, and as such, tonight I shall be running the next Ormid game with my mates through its haunted vaults. I have downloaded a bit of software to capture the Skype conversation (we are not using the integrated chat yet), and hope to have something I can let you all listen to by the end!

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. I have been really busy with RL stuff lately, hence the lack of stuff here. My daughter is only 10 weeks from making her entrance into this plane, so I suspect things are going to get a lot quieter here before they get busier! Bear with me - it is worth the wait...honest!

HERE is a nice article that sums the Roll20 experience up a little, and below is the scene that will greet Ormid, the Veteran and Llewellyn as they star the game tonight!