The Summoning

So, my newborn is due to be summoned very soon, and it's unlikely, what with all the sacrifices, chanting and drawing of restraining circles, that I am going to get much chance to do anything for a while. So, don't be too disappointed if you don't see much up here for the next month or two, it is only a hiatus, not a permanent end.

Still hoping to get some crunchy bits and bobs up here as I write them (got some feats that draw on the Escalation Die to post later), but certainly, there will be a big slow down of stuff for a while.

With regards to the game write ups. I'm not getting the time to get anything done at the moment, and so, will be retiring that part of my blogs. I do intend to post most of the crunch from them here though, as soon as it's no longer relevant, and will give occasional "What Happened" style updates, but nothing like the old days when I had tons of free time!

I hope you will stick with the blog whilst I'm busy getting acquainted with baby puke and no sleep, and hope you find it worth your wait when I return in full! Until then, catch you around!!

P.S. I will still be posting stuff on our Facebook Page, so feel free to drop by!