Ormid et Al - Session Report (21/11/2013)

Once, the mountain citadel occupied by Skrung and his kin, was home to a peaceful clan of Morgog'Gigorim (Stone Giants), who lived under the rule of Malogg Sturvodd. The Vulgorim took it nearly 40 years ago, during the final days of the Age of Loss, their greater numbers and desperation giving them the upper hand they needed to storm the keep and steal it for themselves. It is not known what happened to Malogg - but it is known that the skulls of many Morgogorim can be found in the valleys around the keep. With the arrival of the Vulgorim, the land changed. The villages and mines that once peppered the area are gone now - lost to Vulgorim raids, and the forests that once cloaked the lower peaks of the mount have vanished; burned and hacked by the monsters for fuel and building materials.

5/7/51 - 9/7/51: The group head into the fastness of the Northern Streaked Mountains, each expecting to face endless swarms of Gorgoth, Gorgryn and similar horrors. However, despite finding many signs of their presence, the greenskins do not attack - and the group realise that their epic bearing, so unnatural and potent, has cowed the ferocious beasts. As such, they have a relatively uneventful journey...until.

09:40: The group enter one of the last wooded valleys around Skrungs Peak, and are attacked by a band of Vulgol'Gigorim and their starved Owlbear companions. It is a brief battle, that sees the group taking a few good knocks, but they manage to slay all but a few of the monsters (who flee). The teeth and beaks of the Owlbears are collected for sale later, and the group, after a brief rest, continue...

That night they camp at the foot of the mountain, close to the huge flight of massive carved steps (each one 5' high) that lead all the way to the great gatehouse that guards the way into Skrung's Keep. Although they hear disembodied voices booming down from the peaks above, as well as piercing animalistic shrieks, they enjoy a good night's rest.

10/7/51: The next morning, they opt to climb the stairs (aware that this may mean more encounters with Vulgorim, but preferring that idea to trying to climb the mountain up one of its other sides. However, they meet no one, and that night, they rest in a small hollow carved in the cliffs against which the stairs butt.

11/7/51: As the group get higher, so the air thins and grows colder. Each step brings them closer to the huge gatehouse; a looming thing of stone, that bears crenelated battlements, as well as a heavy portcullis. None look forwards to fighting whoever guards it.

12:00: As the group enter the last stretch of the path, their legs trembling and weary from their efforts, so they encounter the guards posted to watch the gate - several more Vulgorim, as well as a great warrior giant, and, at the gates themselves, two of Skrung's personal guard; massive Vulgorim clad in dire bear furs, and bearing huge shields of hardened wood. Each wields a stone club, and both show unusual canniness as they allow their kin to wade into combat, to wear down and weaken the group before they attack...

Using the stairs for cover, the group allow the fight to come to them - the guards on the battlements being dispatched by a well placed blast of acid from Dracusviir - and up to the point of writing, things are going well from them; most of the base Vulgorim painting the stairs with rivers of their blood, or the air with their shrieks as they plummeted to their deaths from the stairs unbound side. The warrior has just managed to smash the artificer brutally, sending him tumbling back down the stairs, and as yet, Skrung's Guard have done nothing but edge slowly forwards, shields before them, carefully waiting for the right time to strike.