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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ormid et al - Session Report (5/11/2013)

18/6/51: Whilst accompanying Llewellyn to retrieve some papers from a well in Currusp, the group are attacked by a supernatural assassin known as a Gloom. It all but slays Llewellyn with a single strike, and similarly dismantles Ormid after he tries to heal the rogue. It is clearly intending to finish off the vyrleen when the Veteran stands over him, and manages to land a blow against the fiend. This wounding sends it away - although all realise that it will be back!

To keep Llewellyn safe, he is temporarily put under guard. Vladislav - who is visiting - helps with this, as do mages of a cabal of noctramancers allied with the Order. Llewelyn is confined to a circle, cast to protect against minions of the shadow planes - the dimension it is felt his assassin comes from.

19/6/51 - 20/6/51: Whilst Ormid makes use of Currusp's libraries to research their assailant, the rogue (from his self imposed prison) tries to use his guild to find out who could have sent it. The artificer learns that the monster is an incredibly potent being, that only the most epic of rituals, beings or items could summon to this plane - let alone allow it to be commanded. Llewellyn is only able to surmise that one of the three most potent thieves guilds his own have pissed off recently might have been behind the summoning.

During his research, Ormid is able to ascertain (through disparate fragments of lore written across a number of tomes), that a "device" that contains a trapped Gloom does exist. It was a painting known only as "The Shadow Man", which was first reported in the early 2nd Age. Little information exists about where it could be, or even, if it really exists. In order to try and verify both his theory, and to locate the item if it exists, Ormid seeks a copy of the View Object ritual - which he obtains for a price from the sisterhood of Merriel'Shaava.

21/6/51 - 23/6/51: The ritual is cast (Ormid is assisted by the Helldazzler, and a number of his allied mages), and the artificer asks to see "The device used to summon the Gloom that attacked us". Finds himself in a five-sided chamber of what he recognises as Northstone Granite, almost being smothered by the thick strands of shadow magic there. Briefly sees an ebony picture frame, before a toxic intellect forcefully ejects him. Ormid passes out and fits. Two of the mages die. The artificer deduces from the stone, that the most likely locale is quite local. This would suggest that the guild most likely to have sent the monster is the "Hands of Silence" - based in nearby Tull'Norak.

Much discussion about how to proceed. Llewellyn has unrealistic ideas about mobilising his guild to march in force on the Hands. His advisors, as well as the Veteran and Ormid point out the many flaws with this plan. They discuss seeking out an ally - a guild or order that also has something to gain from the fall of the Hands of Silence - and with a groan, they realise that the main candidates are the infamous "Tanners and Knife Sharpeners Guild" (TKSG) of the holy city of Alaz'Cellinthar; one of the guilds that the Procurer's so recently annoyed and threatened.

24/6/51 - 26/6/51: Llewellyn does some digging, in order to find out if there is anyone in his guild that is expendable. He comes to hear of a young human named Sored Viid; cocksure and arrogant, and a little too quick to voice his negative opinion of the vyrleen. Late on the 26th Sored is told that he will be sent to Alaz'Cellinthar with a letter from Llewellyn, calling for the TKSG to put aside their hared, and to meet to discuss a cooperative move against a common foe.

Sored weeps and begs not to be sent. He is told he has no choice - a likely (but not definite) death on this mission, or a certain death at the hands of Llewellyn and his potent allies.

Sored is teleported to a circle within the holy city....everyone waits.

31/6/51: Research on the fragments found around the "infinite hole" discovered by the group in the Eastern Guild reveals that they are parts of a Chronoportal, recently (within the last 12 moons) destroyed. Although opinions are a little split, it is felt that the "hole" is actually a tear in time itself. This raises concerns amongst the group, who wonder what Ebon Eye would want with a time portal - and what harm he could do.

The Veteran also learns that the multi-destination portal they discovered in the ancient lab could be used to forge a planar energy infused rebuild of Ferrous. He decides that a Defender infused with the chaotic power of Pandaemonium would be most useful to the group, and artificers under Ormid's command begin to draw up plans for the Mk III version of Ferrous.

3/7/51: To the group's utter amazement, they receive a curt but amicable reply from the Khorven Dulsiir, leader of the TKSG. A meeting is arranged for noon, on the 13/7/51, in the main taproom of the "Jaded Monk" inn in Laeran. Llewellyn is advised that he may only bring one guard. The homunculus that brought the message is returned with the groups message - "It shall be so".

4/7/51: With ten days to burn, the group decide to deal with Skrung, the Vulgol'Gigorim Lord who calls himself the "King of the East Mountains", and to end his threats to the Veteran's keep once and for all!

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