Shnecke's Wolves - Session Report (12/11/2013)

Following the Elemental Bergs, the group entered the Hydran Straits. There they encountered The Curse - a pirate ship crewed by Theo'Gorgai (Hoboblins), Nargor (Trulls or Trolls) and few Gorashym (Bugbears). The ships captain was a medusa. The two vessels exchanged fire for a while, before closing on each other. Then, a brutal battle, in which the crew of the Sea C*nt were totally victorious (though the Medusa had a nasty surprise for them, her blood animating as she was slain, and carrying on the fight as a vicious, petrifiying slime). A search of the ship cost two crewmen their lives, as they encountered an ancient Gorgothian warrior monster (A Witchlight Marauder) in the hold, and the group had to deal with the unexpected and out of place abomination. A search of the ship revealed no treasure (other than the ship itself), and the group realised that the pirates must have a base on one of the nearby islands. After some time and effort, they located the likely island, and prepared to seek the pirates lair....and their treasures...

27/8/1472: Group decide to land on the pirate Island, on opposite side from suspected pirate base. Will go at night, in order to hopefully maximise element of surprise. Before they leave they meet with Caleph and the chosen men, both to organise who will crew The Curse, and to discuss their planned mission to locate and loot the pirate base. Caleph suggests a deception, so that those who cannot be trusted completely do not realise that the group are no longer on board the ship (Jaeger sees to this deception).

01:00 - 03:30: The group land on the western side of the island, and make their way across its barren surface, beneath the baleful light of Aelnaeryss. The assassin looks for and spots a high point that would be useful as the location either for a lookout post, or the base itself, and the group split; Jaeger going by himself, the rest approaching from the opposite direction.

Able to see perfectly in the dark, and able to move both by teleporting, and stealthily at full speed, the assassin arrives ahead of his colleagues, and spots a lone theo'gorgai manning a simple watch point. A bundle of dry driftwood serves as a warning beacon. As the assassin plots what to do next, the barbarian's voice is carried towards the hide on the night winds, clear over the sounds of the distant surf, and at once the massive hairy humanoid is up, seeking out the source.

Distracting the beast with a thrown pebble, the assassin moves swiftly in, and thrusts his shadowy blade into its skull, ending its life. By the time the rest of the group arrive, he is sitting on the dead gorgai, cleaning his nails.

From the point, the group identify a well worn path that clambers down a cliff face overlooking a wide sea channel. It seems to lead to a bridge of raised land that forms a closed end to the channel.

04:15: The group follow the path, picking their way down towards the bridge. As they get lower, they spot what looks like docks nestled against the cliffs below, and soon, they spot a bulge in the stony landscape that looks out of place.

The assassin goes ahead, darkness cloaking him, and moves towards the bulge. However, his blood freezes as he spots something truly massive - a 30' high humanoid, with skin like a rhinoceros, obscene amounts of muscle, and a single glaring eye in its head - squatting next to what seems to be some kind of ancient stone entrance. Mind racing, he is horrified to hear the sound of clanking armour behind him - the rest of the group.

Also hearing their approach, the Orgon'Gigorim (Cyclops), raises to its full height - a living mountain - and emits a deafening challenge, swinging a gargantuan spiked club into a ready position, as if it were nothing. The rest of the group almost freeze, horrified, as the massive beast stamps its feet, sending shockwaves through the air, and prepares to attack.

Battle is soon joined, as three theo'gorgai pirates race from the entrance to join their terrifying ally. The crumbling bones of some ancient winged reptile are the only cover available to the group.