Wood Giant (Voadkin / Aelwyr'Gigorim) - Level 8 Artillery

The Voadkin or Wood Giant was one of those odd creatures that rarely if ever got any use as far as I can tell. Stealthy, smaller giants, they were allied with the elves and shared many of their traits. Whilst flicking through the 2E AD&D Monstrous Manual, I came across the little blighters, and decided to convert them. You will also note some of the 13th Age type flourishes that I am now using have crept into this conversion - although you can ignore the escalation dice one if you want (or give that power an alternate recharge state). 

And remember, the stat modifiers listed at the bottom do not include the +4 bonus this fellow will get for half his level!

If you wanted, you could add another way of ending the ongoing damage; namely that someone takes a standard action to make a D.C. 20 Heal check on the individual bleeding out. I've started doing this quite a lot lately, and it works really well!