Zengott The Everflayed - Lesser Daemon Lord

I had a dream last night of a dark place wrought from frozen pain, carved into blades and spikes by winds born from anguished screams. At the heart of it, bound to a throne of hooks, twitched and shrieked a terrible being who's rage and hatred blossomed like a black fire through the walls of that reality, and into the world of men. Zengott The Everflayed*. Broken beyond reason, he appeared as a faceless human, devoid of flesh, gutted and broken. Entrails hung from his ravaged and opened abdomen, writhing and twitching as if seeking something to tear into, each pipe and coil equipped with barbed blades of bone and seeking hooks of gristle. Where his face would be, was a soft, lipless orifice, from which came a constant, terrible howling - pain, hopelessness and rage, given voice and sung into the nightmare world born from its refrain. A horrific light, unlike any earthly illumination, pulsed and writhed over the thing, its touch triggering agonies in the fiend, his screams in turn giving the strange glow more weight, and I knew that if I stayed too long, this blasphemous light would erode my sanity and send me into the arms of Xix forever.

Although he knew I was there, he gave no sign, continuing to writhe against the almost sentient implements that pierced and restrained his twitching, bucking form, holding it in place. However, I could feel his mind - a perverted thing of utter madness and loathing - hungrily searching for something undamaged to take apart and toy with; groping through the stench and misery of his realm, and with great fear in my heart, fought to leave.

I managed to escape, leaving Zengott to his eternal torments. However, having caught a glimpse of this abomination, and knowing that it was more than a mere dream**, I began to search through the archives for any mention of him or his cults. I spent several months in my studies (until the Order grew wary, and banned me from the accessing the great tomes that detail the Lords of the Abyss), and despite my intense research found mention only of two cults that could be related to this horrific fiend.

One was based in Lower Malgoroth towards the end of the Second Age, and was initially thought to be a cult dedicated for Adathraine, the Great Beast, for its members engaged in many of the same activities - cannibalism, ritual scarification and blood rites. However, they showed a particular fondness for flaying both their victims and each other. Even more tellingly, their High Priests ritually removed their eyes, and carved their faces open to create a single mouth. This somehow did not kill them, and many developed supernatural senses to replace those mundane one lost in the procedure. This cult was destroyed by an order of Solumite Knights, their own records speaking of preventing a ritual which would have seen the "Flayed King" born "through the entrails and agony of a pure victim".

The second mention was more apparent, and referred to a pre-sundering group who had been kidnapping, skinning and violating "innocents" from the streets of Talosvern. They daubed the symbol of a toothless, screaming mouth in blood all over the place, and were quickly stopped due to their blatant acts. Their leader - one Thadeus Raadim, a former merchant - is reported to have screamed spells of agony at those sent to capture him in a language of "screams, choked howls and raw, full throated shrieks", his spells stripping flesh from his enemies, rupturing eyeballs and in one poor individual's case, causing his entrails to prolapse explosively from his anus.

As stated above, the Order have grown suspicious of my readings (and in light of the recent catastrophe and the loss of so many of our leaders, I am not surprised). However, I intend to seek further information from tomes outside of their control, and am currently arranging passage to the heart of daemon worship - the ancient, decaying "daemonocracy" of Draxia - specifically, the City of Stained Stones, Pentas Daemonica. Wish me luck, for I believe that I shall need it.

May Merriel'Shaava bless you. May Leorn'Aerbrin give you good fortune, and may Rithuen'Ardaana clear your path.

Your friend, Allessar Kreede.


* I really did dream this....No cheese was eaten before I went to bed.
** I am speaking from a fantasy point of view now...it was only a dream!