Something We Are Playtesting....

My 4e games are definitely taking a 4thcore twist as we modify it to suit our particular tastes, and if you have used many of the house rules discussed or presented on here, you too are probably finding things are getting quite brutal in your games too.

To help the players out a bit, we are trying out a new rule. This is in light of the fact that we no longer use XP, which leads to more free form battles, and to me trying to give alternate rewards for battles well won.

One form of reward are bonus Action Points, which, given all the options for using them now in the game, is nice. However, we are also play testing the following rule...

In a battle where you are offered an Action Point as a reward (be that for reaching a Milestone, or for a well fought battle), you can, instead, choose to recharge a single Daily Power. Each power may only be recharged in this once (this is to address Andy's concerns that you could just keep recharging your best power and become unbeatable - Andy is our resident rules manipulator supreme, and I trust his min/max advice).

So far it's not proving to be a remote problem. Ormid and the gang are deep within Skrung's keep, and the extra power is helping them survive the brutality of the area (Veteran would have taken 150 bludgeoning and necrotic damage in the last game, but fortunately, spent an Action Point to turn it into a mere 97 points of pain), whilst we have not had much chance to see it in use in the Shnecke or Newbie games. Time will tell. I shall keep you informed!