Ju-Ju Zombie - CR 3

Oops! Challenge Ratings...My Mistake!

Beholderkin - Gauth (CR 5)

Fiend Breaker - Legendary Two-Handed Mace

Son of Kyuss - CR 4 (Medium Undead)

Playtest - Artificer Spell Conversions (5e)

Steel Horror - CR 6 Construct


5e Warforged Sub-Race

Ancient Huecuva - CR 3 Undead (5e)

Glass Soul Elixir (Level 1 Rare Potion / 5e Uncommon Potion) - 4e and 5e stats

RL - Bane of Fantasy

My Homebrew 5e Warforged vs Mr Baker's Homebrew 5e Warforged

Update...The Future Holds Many Things...

Faster GM! Faster!!

New Condition - Numbed


Shnecke's Wolves - A Night In The Shattered Skull

Updated Something

Hitting Harder by Rolling Higher - Update

Hitting harder by Rolling Higher

Glyph of Warding - Level 12 Ritual

Badass Flumph (Level 25 Elite Controller)

Flumph (Level 2 Controller)

Unsleeping Custodian (Level 22 Soldier)

Well Done Roll20!!!

Exciting Times