Here Comes The Swarm - Slivers for 4e (Part I)

I once played a lot of Magic the Gathering, and still play it from time to time. It's an awesome game, that in truth, I have to be careful too much and I am hooked again, spending too much money on single cards and getting too involved with tweaking my decks. Anyway, one of the monster types I have always thought would be ace in 4e are the Slivers - alien bug thingies that share a hive mind, and which grant other slivers in play various abilities. So, I have started converting some of them to 4e. I intend to do quite a few more - although some just don't lend themselves to it very easily.

Two caveats here. Obviously, I don't own the copywrite on these things, so if I am made aware that I am violating some kind of law, they will be taken down. Secondly, don't forget that the stat mods shown do not include the bonus added from half the monster's level (rounded down). 

Anyway, here we go!