State of Play - Arrival at Scarathane, Dark Presences, Old Allies, Fight!

30/8/1472: Three days have passed since the group left the pirate's island and continued their journey towards Scarathane, and now, at last, the island is within sight. A rumble of worry amongst the more experienced men, for a plume of volcanic smoke hangs above the city - something that should not be, for the island, though a volcano, has slumbered for as long as memory. As the group get nearer, so the air thickens with biting sulphuric fumes, and flakes of ash begin to fall like snow. A subtle shift occurs in the aether, as they enter a realm of relative dimensional stability, although strong, stinking winds, full of fire and brimstone, begin to push against the ship's sails. By the time the ships reach the point where they will split (the Sea Cunt will be staying in the Porto di Sovrani , the most expensive but finest port located on the island's east side, whilst the newly re-named Red Curse will be staying at the Porto di Capitani, located on the eastern side), they can see the city in all its hellish glory. They also see that the ports are absolutely rammed with ships (and indeed, as they get closer, observe two ships blasting at each other in order to try and secure a place, only succeeding in sinking each other - leaving a nice place for them to park). The vessels part company, and seek a place to stay.

The warlock causes great concern by suddenly having a fit whilst stood on deck staring at the city. On waking, he reveals that a great monstrous energy or presence lurks beneath the volcano..something terrifying.

Having paid for a single day only, the group decide to try and find a way of reducing a ridiculous costs of staying in the ports. Caleph states that the Feccia Del Mare run the ports, and tells them that by getting in their good books, they could probably get some discount. However, as one of the three ruling power groups in this Black Port, they will not be easy to contact.

The group decide to split up at this point. Jaeger enters the sprawling chaos of the Città nelle ombre di Fuoco, in the hopes of getting a feel for the power players of the city and of finding a way of getting into contact with the Feccia Del Mare. What he finds instead is "Narogg's Grogs", a rough bar run by an old comrade (and Unified Order defector), Narogg Gorebiter. Narogg (a surprisingly intelligent and charismatic Gorgoth) is understandably worried when he first encounters the assassin, thinking he has been sent to kill him. However, when he realises that this is not the case, the two old allies spend some time catching up (Narogg only has one arm now, having lost his limb to the corrosive bite of a Thessalhydra whilst on Order business).

Narogg tells the assassin of an "entrepreneur" named Klesp “Black Hilt” Venoo; a native to Scarathane with "a lot of dirty little fingers in a lot of dirty little pies". He also states that for a (hefty) price, he can arrange a sit down meeting with representatives of the Feccia. Jaeger tells the greenskin he will discuss the options with his allies, and returns to the SC. Narogg also tells the assassin about the many pit fights that happen around the island, including a few organised arenas, where warriors can quickly accumulate wealth and fame.

(Jaeger also bore witness to an individual, insane it seemed, being captured and dragged away by some invisible thing).

Whilst this has been going on, the rest of the group have engaged in various activities. Varracuda has been meditating, and has realised that there is some kind of dimensional void beneath the bowels of the volcano (where it is rumored, the Zargor'Gigorim - Fire Giants - have a secret temple to Zargor), which, combined with the Warlock's words earlier, gives him cause for concern.

Thatari wanders the crowded streets and wharfs of the lower city, allowing the thoughts of the populace to enter him mind, looking for hints as to what may lurk beneath their feet. He briefly touches on an utterly alien mind; babbling with insanity - and realises that unseen things of aberrant form are lurking amongst the unsuspecting populace. He also learns of a local cult - the Cult of the Suffocating Flame - although he is unable to discern any additional information.

Shnecke and Grigori persuade some ship mates to go for a drink with them in a nameless tavern, where they encounter a powerful brew that the scarred bar man (who only has half a tongue) warns him is "dangerous". The Ulnyrr necks it regardless, and then he and the priest feed on the intoxicated crewmen; leaving three of them with the worst hangover ever, but alive...the fourth man perishing under the combined effects of the potent brew and the undead's blood drinking.

By nightfall, the group are back together on the ship. They discuss their various discoveries, and decide to pay the gorgoth to arrange a meeting with the Feccia.

23:30 - 23:55: The group move to meet with Narogg, intending to stay at the bar overnight. However, in an area they feel is oddly silent given the usual crowded nature of the Città, they encounter a band of roving Zargorim slavers, accompanied by a canine manifestation of elemental fire. Seeing the potent group, the giant's quickly move to attack, and the group, not too keen on becoming slaves, prepare to defend themselves.