Orcus - Prince of Undeath - Level 26 Raid Solo (8-12 Man)

My stag weekend saw a number of things never seen before. It saw the birth of some new House Rules (to be published soon), the longest game of Magic the Gathering ever (3 damn hours+), and 8 22nd level characters trying (and failing) to take on this version of Orcus. Longest surviving member was a 22nd level Fighter...first to die were a Paladin and Cleric. 

Please be aware if you decide to use this version of Orcus, he is incredibly tough. The aura alone is absolutely lethal. Even potent epic characters will struggle - and that's how it should be; he's  a Daemon Lord for evilness' sake!

Anyway, enjoy. I'll publish some more stats from my conversion of H2 (an adventure that didn't in any way live up to my memory of how good it was), the Mines of Bloodstone. 


Add half his level to the stat mods shown to get the total bonus, and if you beat this guy, well done!