Banturnite Temple Guard - Level 6 Soldier

The God Banturn'Vortax (also known by many other names including Vletnir, Danakai, Danako, Thurad) is the God of War, Conflict, Victory and many would say, Violence. His temples are strongholds, and his holy water is literally made from blood sweat and tears. Here are the stats for some of the rank and file warrior priests that guard his more important sites - and you may notice a few unusual things in the write up. 

These are related to the House Rules we are using - namely 13th Age style Backgrounds. Where in the past I would record a skill check -  for example "A D.C. 15 Athletics check", I now put (assuming I want it to be strength related), "A D.C. 15 Strength (+Athletics)". It basically means, you make a Strength ability check, but add any modifiers (from feats or items) that would apply to Athletics. 

You may also have noticed that I am expressing ongoing damage as a variable nower days. This is because I can do an average amount of damage equal (usually) to the monster's level, but have that range - so it's not so easy to say "Well, he takes 5 damage at the start of his next turn, so I can attack this round and heal next"...adds a dash of "realism" and uncertainty to things!

Oh yeah, and Vulnerability to healing means what it says - you heal 5 more point of damage when hit by a healing power or ability!

Grrrr...Yes I have seen the spelling error...