Bloat Thrall - Level 14 Controller (Conversion from Iron Kingdoms RPG)

There can be no denying it; Iron Kingdoms has some of the coolest monsters of any game, and in the Expanded Bestiary, you will find a particularly creepy and repulsive undead construct called the Bloat Thrall (the bestiary is a free download, so I suggest you check it out). As I am in a converting mood, I thought I would bring it over to 4e D&D. 

Obviously, this is not my creation (and neither is the piccy). If I am breaking any copywrite rules or anything, just let me know, and I shall take this down. Hopefully though, I am not, and these creeping horrors can find their way into many more games than they otherwise would!

Add +7 to all listed ability modifiers to get their total bonus!



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