Skrung - King of the East Mountains - Level 21 Solo Brute

I'll be posting the stats for all the BBEG from Ormid and the gang's latest adventure...let's start with the King himself; Skrung. Skrung is a morbidly obese Vulgorim (Hill Giant), made massive by the power he has stolen from the Gruniir - the Mountain's Heart Crown. Filthy as his kin, he is alive with vermin, covered in sores and is shrouded always with the grimy stink of his poor hygiene. He speaks in a thick, phlegmy voice, often wheezing and coughing out great gobs of infected mucus - especially when active for any length of time. 

A natural coward, he will only fight as long as he thinks he has the upper hand. Once bloodied, he becomes suddenly reluctant to engage further...and will, if allowed, flee.

Anyway, he is only the second nastiest thing that was in the however, we will look at his sons...

To get the total stat mods, add +10 to those listed.