Badass Flumph (Level 25 Elite Controller)

"Adventurers often smirk and joke about the so called 'Flumphs', regarding them as nothing but tavern talk or a joke for greenhorns to fear on their first quests. Alas, I know now that they are not only real, but that some grow old and powerful. We had been exploring the shifting corridors and endless chambers of one of Armun's sentient levels, when suddenly we found ourselves face to face with one of the strangest things I have ever (in a career severely packed with strange things) seen. It was a Flumph. However, it had somehow implanted shaped and articulated plates of Adamantium into its soft body, crafted glasteel lenses for its eyes, and mastered new and deadly powers. 
"Of course, it was also insane, having been trapped in its room for countless years, forced to battle endless waves of lost souls, and we too soon found ourselves fighting against it. I feel that ultimately we did the poor thing a favor, for we put pay to its endless torments and finally gave it some rest. However, it left poor Vlad insane and babbling, and poisoned Claus and Briefholdt so severely that both perished. 
"I never smile or chuckle when folks mock Flumphs, and would advise you to do the same. Too many times, legends and jokes turn out to have a deadly side in this messed up realm."

- Avandreis Hetteth, Adventuring Mage.