Exciting Times

It's funny, despite not intending to run the newest version of D&D (not unless my players suddenly demand to play it), I am looking forwards to getting my hands on the new books. Partly, this is because I am a huge D&D nerd, and have been since '87. Mostly however, it's because I am looking forwards to seeing what bits and bobs we can steal to use in our 4e games.

However, I am even more excited by the imminent arrival of the .pdf version of two Pathfinder books - the Advanced Class Guide and the Technology Guide. This is partly because I suspect, in a year to a year and a half, we will be seeing Ormid and the gang retiring to their places in history (although at present they are knee deep in vampires and other undead horrors, as they begin to realise that unifying the thieves guilds of the North is not going to be as straight forwards as they initially hoped), and I have put it to them that we might think of using Pathfinder for the next game (although I again suspect, and am 1000% happy with the fact, that we will almost certainly stick with our house ruled version of 4e). However, I am also looking forwards to seeing what new items, abilities and tricks these books bring to the game - again, with a view to pinching them for my 4e campaigns.

The truth of the matter is, I am a bit of an omnivore. I have rule books for many, many systems (especially bestiaries) and I actually make constant use of all them, taking ideas and converting them to 4e (which is very, very easy). My players are used now to facing Pathfnider monsters, things from video games, and horrors from a host of strange and unusual settings...as well as my own fevered brains.

Of all the changes in how we play though, the introduction of several ideas from 13th Age and believe it or not, the introduction of items more in line with those from 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder have been the biggest...and they have made the game more fun, no less balanced, and kept it infinitely interesting.

I guess the point of this post is to say that edition wars are fundamentally dumb things. Even if you don't like a system or intend to play it, there are likely some good ideas (or monsters, or items) that could enrich your chosen game.

To finish, here are the scratch notes for a Pathfinder to 4e conversion I did for one of the games I run. Nothing fancy, but potentially very cool for whoever uses it;

+4 Brilliant Energy Longsword (Level 20 Uncommon; Property: Inflicts radiant damage instead of slashing, and wielder may chose to target Reflex instead of AC with melee attacks made using it. Sheds light as a torch (cannot be ended. Must be placed in scabbard to hide); Power (Daily; Standard Action * Radiant) Close burst 3; Targets all creatures in burst; Blind creatures are immune; Attack: Wielders level +3 vs Reflex; Hit: Target is blinded until the end of the wielder's next turn; Hit 3+: Target is blinded (save ends); Hit 6+: Target is blinded (Hard save ends). 

HERE is the Pathfinder version. 

What are your thoughts?