Glyph of Warding - Level 12 Ritual

You inscribe mystical sigils onto the floor, whispering the words that will bind deadly energy to them, ready to strike at those that come uninvited.

Level: 12                                              Component Cost: 2,500 gps
Category: Warding                              Market Price: 8,500 gps
Time: 10 Minutes                                 Key Skill: Arcana or Religion
Duration: Permanent until triggered

You create an invisible glyph that wards a single 5' square. You can cast it on any solid surface, and at the time of casting can designate up to five individuals, or one condition that allows safe passage (for example, the presentation of a particular symbol, gesture or password). You are automatically immune to triggering the glyph. As you cast the glyph, choose one of the following energy types; Acid, Cold, Fire, Lighting, Necrotic, Thunder, Radiant. This is the damage type the glyph inflicts when triggered.

The glyph remains in place until it is crossed by an unauthorised individual, or until someone fails by 5+ to disable it. When triggered, the glyph makes the following attack in a close burst 2; Your Level +5 vs Reflex; Hit: 8d4 [Energy Type] damage (10d4 damage at level 17, 12d4 at level 22, and 14d4 at level 27); Miss: Half damage. Hit 4+: Target also suffers Ongoing damage equal to half the damage inflicted by the initial attack (save ends); Hit: 6+: hard save ends

When you cast this ritual, make either an Arcana or Religion check. This sets the D.C. Of the Disable roll needed to safely remove the glyph. This result +5 is the D.C. Needed to detect the glyph with either Arcana, Thievery or Religion.