Hitting Harder by Rolling Higher - Update

We tried these rules in the last Shnecke game, and made a few observations...

1) They were cool for the players, as they got to do some extra funky stuff

2) The fight was slightly quicker thanks to the extra damage and conditions

3) The fight was against a solo monster, so the boons granted by the high rolls stacked pretty viciously (especially as the group knew they were in for a solo fight, and went nova with their dailies, meaning that at once point, the enemy had a -6 penalty to their defences, which meant that hitting by 7+, especially once the escalation die had hit 4+ was pretty easy). It was felt that the potency of the abilities would be watered down quite a bit in a battle with multiple enemies.

4) Some of the wording needs to be made a bit clearer. For example, choice C isn't clear that if you hit by 5+, you shift up to half your speed instead of 1 square, not as well as!

5) The players worried that the rules might lead to an arms race between GM and player. We talked about how this isn't so much of an issue in 4e, with its more balanced maths, but acknowledged that this is a risk in any game where house rules came in.

In the end we agreed to try them again, and to see how we felt about them. When I get time, I will tidy up the wording on the abilities a bit too.