Update...The Future Holds Many Things...

Howdy! How's it going?

So, I've been very busy with RL things, and have not had much time to get anything done for here. I also have not been able (for a variety of reasons) to play ANY D&D for 7 damn weeks...which is...painful.

This Thursday a few of the regulars and I are going to take a little break from the 4e campaigning to play a short 5e game. I want to see how it plays, feels and GM's, and have thrown together a little adventure to do this. I'll obviously keep you all informed, share some stats,and may even post a recording of the games if we can keep the language to an acceptable level.

There has been a LOT of talk about D&D editions amongst my players. Over all, the opinion is that as long as we play together, the edition doesn't matter, and most of my players seem quite excited at the chance to play Next. At least one is very reluctant to leave 4e, and I have promised him that the current campaigns will be finished, and that we will definitely still be playing 4e in the future as well as 5e (4e is still, at the time of writing, my favourite edition, and there are so many, many options that players have not yet looked at, I am determined to play more).

However, this unexpected shift in my worldview RE; editions (many of my players would argue this was in no way unexpected), means a definite shift on here too. I will continue to post 4e stuff, but will now also be posting a lot more 5e bits and bobs.

Actually, I will try, as much as possible to do all stats for both games.

I hope this is cool.

Game reports will continue as usual, with the next campaign (a 5e one set in the magic scarce early 4th Age), starting as soon as Ormid and the gang finish their adventures.

Anyway, that's what the plan is. Me and mine are in the middle of a house move, and I work looooong hours, so at present, things, as I said above, are a little slow. Promise to have something for you soon!

Until then, roll lucky...