As you may have read below, the guys playing in the Ormid et al game want to convert to 5e. This means that I am only running one 4e game now...and I suspect that we will eventually convert that to 5e as well.

This means that my focus will be moving away from 4e and more towards the newest version. I intend to keep posting to this blog, but its focus too will shift more towards 5e (though obviously, as I create stuff for the Shnecke's Wolves games, which is still 4e, I will post it).

So, if you are converting to the newest verison of D&D, this is still the blog for you! Alas, if you are sticking with 4e, you may find that the amount of raw crunch on here becomes less and less. I do feel really bad about this, but with three kids, a job with loooong hours, and a wife, planning gaming time is a strategic operation worthy of the greatest warlords.

I hope you understand, and intend to keep coming. Hell, if you like my rubbish, tell your friends.

Coming soon - my 5e Artificer, and a TON of stuff that is being converted over for the Ormid et Al game!