Fiend Breaker - Legendary Two-Handed Mace

Legendary Two-Handed Mace (Requires Attunement by a Paladin or Good Cleric)

Created by Aesceb “The Benign”, a daemon allied with the “Silent Choir”, this fabulous weapon was gifted to the human paladin of Namaea'Isaala Radareth, in the late 2nd Age. It is a hugely heavy weapon, which requires both hands to use and a minimum strength of 16 to wield normally (disadvantage on attack rolls otherwise). Its base damage is 2d6 bludgeoning. It is made from cold iron (which automatically ignores any resistances to bludgeoning, piercing or slashing a creature with the Fiend or Fey type may have), and its flanged head is carved to resemble the outwardly thrust wings and flaming blades of angels girded for war. Heavenly inscriptions are carved into the head, flowing over it, and down the heavy, nightwood handle. Eight large, cabochon cut moonstones are set in the middle of the flanges, each one enchanted so that they shine with pale light at all times.

When it is not attuned to an individual, this weapon is simply an oversized cold iron mace +1. However, when attuned to its wielder, it gains the following properties.

  • Becomes a +3 cold iron weapon
  • Inflicts +2d10 points of radiant damage per hit to creatures with the Fiend type.
  • If this weapon scores a critical hit against a Fiend, the bearer and the fiend must make a contested Charisma check (the bearer gains a +3 bonus from the mace). If the Fiend fails, it is banished to its home plane, or, if already there, suffers +10d10 radiant damage. If it wins, it suffers an additional +3d10 radiant damage.
  • The bearer gains a +2 bonus to their AC against the attacks of a Fiend
  • The bearer gains a +5 bonus to saving throws against the attacks of Fiends.
  • The mace may be used as a focus for spell casting, adding its bonus to both the spell attack rolls, saving throw D.C. And damage they inflict.
  • Once per long rest, as an action, the bearer of the Breaker may use it to cast a 6th level Magic Circle, which follows the mace and lasts for 1 hour.
  • Once per long rest, when the bearer of the mace is reduced to 0 hit points, they may, with no action, spend one or more of their hit dice, gaining a +3 bonus to the amount each one restores. If they have no hit dice, they are instead at 1 hit point.
  • At will as a bonus action, the mace can be commanded to shed bright, silvery light in a 30' radius. This can be extinguished with another bonus action.