"Carnivorous Shadow" - Legendary Longsword

A cruel and slender longsword, seemingly made from solidified blood or some similar material. When wielded it gleams with a malevolent maroon shadow, and veins seem to pulse redly within its black, crystalline blade whenever it hits a living target. A dismal aura of dank shadows seems to hang around the thing always, and even the most dimwitted individual can discern it is an instrument of darkness.

Carnivorous Shadow : +2 Vampiric Longsword

Legendary Weapon (Requires Attunement).
  •  Inflicts +1d8 necrotic damage per hit.
  • Scores a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20.
  • On a crit vs a living target, inflicts +2d10 necrotic, and the wielder gains the damage inflicted, including the extra necrotic, as healing. If wielder is at max hpts, the excess are temporary hit points that remain until their next long rest.
  • Those dedicated to darkness and death recognise the blade and its wielder as a servant of evil (and its touch is abhorrent to one who does not serve such foul things). Charisma based checks when engaging with such individuals have advantage.
  • The same checks suffers disadvantage when the wielder is engaging with those that do not serve dark, unnatural powers.
  • A warlock can use this sword as an implement.