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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Warforged Sub-Race - Woeforged

The idea of the Woeforged was voiced in one of the Eberron books - undead warforged wandering the land, lost and hate filled. Any of you that have read the early adventures of Ormid and the gang, will know that they have faced more than a few of these things, and as the Veteran's tale draws to its end (assuming they survive of course), they will face many, many more.

However, I thought it might be cool to offer them as a sub-race for my Warforged race (which is very different from the official one, having many more resistances and immunities, but being much harder to heal).

WOE FORGED (Warforged Sub-Race)

You are an undead warforged, an unliving construct, brought to life either deliberately, or through some strange turn of events. Many warforged slain in the Sundering reanimated as Woeforged, and it is well known that the Template Deity Veteran along with his allies faced armies of these things in battle.

In addition to the race's base powers you gain.

  1. +1 Charisma
  2. Your type becomes undead
  3. You gain Darkvision 60'
  4. Your chance of ignoring a Critical Hit increases to 50%
  5. You gain Necrotic Resistance in addition to your innate reduction. Reduction is applied before Resistance. 
  6. You have disadvantage when saving against and vulnerability to Radiant damage. 

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