Bomb Wand - Uncommon Wondrous Item

These items were dished out fairly often in my 2nd Edition AD&D games, and quickly grew to be one of the "must have" items for players. I've missed them, and thought they should be brought back to 5e.

Bomb Wand
Uncommon Wondrous Item

Created by Upper Malgorothian magi, these heavy black wands are typically plated in riveted metal and etched with evocatory runes of destruction and war. When first created they have 50 charges. To activate them, the bearer must know the correct command word. They can be fired as an action, and create a bolt of thunderous energy, which can be aimed at an enemy within 100' (ranged attack roll needed – the bearer is considered to be proficient with the wand). If the bolt hits, it inflicts 27 (5d10) points of thunder damage, half if they make a D.C. 15 Constitution saving throw. If they fail this save they are also deafened, and if they roll a natural 1 on the save, they are also stunned until they can make the save (repeated at the end of their turns).

The noise created by the wand is very loud, and will immediately alert all nearby creatures to its use. The Helldazzlers are known to favour these items, and are rumoured to have made even more potent versions that can inflict maximised damage with the expenditure of more charges, higher damage or which can fire more than one bolt simultaneously. The Aelwyn obtained the schematics for these items and mass produced them during the Aelwyn Wars, giving them to soldiers wielding Wand Pistols.

When the last charge is spent, the wand crumbles into ash. There is a 1d100% chance that 3d20 gps worth of Residuum is found amongst this.