Shadar'Kai Homebrew Player Race

The Shadar'Kai (or Shadeth as they are known in my game universe) are a race native to the Plane of Shadows / Shadowfell (depending on your edition). They are due to have a big role in one of my campaigns, and I suspect that they might be a popular choice with some of my players afterwards. So, here is my first draft for a player race. Enjoy!

Ability Score Increase: +2 Dex; +1 Int or +1 Cha

Age: Shadar'Kai age at about the same rate as humans. They tend to live a little longer, their lives spanning up to 150 years.

Alignment: Shadar'Kai like Shades are infused with innately dark and malevolent energy, and as such tend towards Neutral and / or Evil alignments.

Size: Shadar'Kai are the same size as humans, and so, are medium.

Speed: Your speed is 30'.

Shadow native: You gain the Shadow type.

Superior Darkvision: You can see perfectly in total darkness and shadowy conditions, up to 90'.

Shadowed Grace: A Shadar'Kai adds twice their proficiency bonus to Stealth and Acrobatics checks. They also add their proficiency bonus to their initiative rolls.

Innured to Pain: When a Shadar'Kai is reduced to half their total hit points or less, damage inflicted against them is reduced by an amount equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1)

Raised in Fear: Shadar'Kai gain advantage on saving throws to avoid becoming Frightened.

Shadow Step : As a move action, once per short rest, a Shadar'Kai can teleport up to 30', or 45' in dim light conditions. When they hit 13th level they may do this twice per short rest, and at 18th level may use it at will.

Innate Spellcasting: The Shadar'Kai can use the following spells without the need for material components. Intelligence is their spellcasting attribute, and the Spell save D.C. Is 8 + Your Intelligence Modifier + Your proficiency bonus.

At 1st level you may cast Mirror Image once per long rest. At 3rd level you may also cast Darkness once per long rest. At 10th level you may cast Mirror Image twice per long rest. At 15th level, you may cast Mirror Image 3x per long rest.

Martial Weapon Proficiency: Chain Whip: A chain whip has the same statistics as a normal whip, except it inflicts 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. These weapons are rare, and to buy from a normal vendor would cost 15gp. They weigh 4lbs. All Shadar'Kai characters start play with one of these items for free. 

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