A Selection of Potent Maces

Even the greatest heroes occasionally get murdered, and a couple of sessions ago, the Legendary rogue Llewellyn was slain by a Gloom assassin. Although brought back by the priests of Merriel'Shaava, his gear was all stolen, including his legendary and hard won Mace, the Inevitable Momentum. To help, a number of the guilds currently vying for a place in the new Unifying Order, offered to lend him a replacement. Here are their stats. Which would you choose?

+2 Frost Burst Mace - (Rare, Requires Attunement) .  (+2d6 Cold damage, +2d10 cold on Crit, plus D. C. 17 Constitution save or Paralysed 1 round).

Stragniir (Very Rare, Requires Attunement) ; +1 Dracane Breath Mace; All damage is lightning. 5x/day can fire a 100' lightning bolt, that inflicts 35 (10d6) Lightning damage, D. C. 16 Dex save for half. Bearer gains Resistance to Lightning.

Ineludible (Legendary, Requires Attunement) ; +4 Mace; 3/day re-roll a missed attack as Bonus action. Ignores damage resistance.

Black Lode (Very Rare, Requires Attunement); +2 Adamantium Mace that inflicts base damage of 1d10 Bludgeoning. 3/Short or Long rest, wielder may, as a Reaction when they hit a target, push it 1d4 x 5' (Strength save, D.C. = Damage inflicted by triggering attack) halves this distance. 3/Day, Wielder may grant themselves 20 Temporary hit points as a Bonus Action. 1/Short or Long rest, wielder may inflict +22 (+4d10) Bludgeoning damage with a hit as a Reaction.

Lucifous (Rare, Requires Attunement); +1 Silver Mace / +2 Vs Undead and Shadow. Inflicts +1d8 Radiant damage / +2d8 Radiant vs Undead and Shadow. Sheds bright light in a 20' radius.