Sporeback Frog - CR 2 (Medium Beast)

4th Edition's Monster Manual III was not the greatest one to grace the world. However, it did contain a few cool new monsters, not all of which were lousy with supernatural powers or strange motivations. Amongst these was the Sporeback Frog...a frog with mushrooms growing on its back. One of my groups may get the chance to tangle (pun partially intended) with these things soon, so I thought I would share them with you, so you could do the same. 

Sporeback Frog – Medium Beast

A.C. 9 (Natural Armour)
Hpts: 93 (11d8+44) [55 - 132]
Speed: 15' (Swampwalk) / Swim 25'
Initiative: -1
Proficiency Bonus: +2

Str: 15 (+3) Dex: 9 (-1) Con: 19 (+4) Int: 3 (-4) Wis: 10 (+0) Cha: 9 (-1)

Saving Throws: Charisma +1, Constitution +5
Skills: Perception +2, Stealth +1 (+6 with Fungal Form)

Senses: Passive Perception: 10

Language: None

CR: 2 (450 xp)


Amphibious: The Sporeback can hold its breath underwater for a number of hours equal to its Constitution modifier before needing to come up for air. It needs to keep its skin wet, and if unable to, suffers +1 level of Exhaustion per hour it is dry.

Fungal Form: The Sporeback has fungi growing all over it, and as such, gains a +5 bonus to Stealth checks in any environment where clumps of moss and fungi are common, as well as when in water.

Powerful Bite: The Sporeback adds twice its Strength modifier to its bite damage.

Swampwalk: The Sporeback ignores all difficult terrain that is the result of a swampy or similar environment, even if not the product of a natural process.

Release Spores: When the Sporeback is reduced to 0 hit points, all creatures within 10' must make a D.C. 14 Constitution save, or be Slowed as if hit by the bite.


Multiattack: Sporeback makes a Sticky Tongue and Bite attack.

Bite: Melee attack, Reach 5', One target; +5 to hit; Hit: 24 (3d12+6) Piercing damage and the target is exposed to the frog's fungal poison. They must make a D.C. 14 Constitution save, or become Slowed; -50% speed, No dexterity bonus to AC, -2 penalty to initiative, Suffer Disadvantage on attacks rolls and all Dexterity based saves, ability and skill checks. The poison remains for 5 (1d10) rounds, although the target may repeat the save at the end of each of their turns to end the effect sooner.

Sticky Tongue: Melee attack, Reach 15', One target, +1 to hit; Hit: 6 (1d6+3) Bludgeoning damage and target is pulled 10' closer to the Sporeback and knocked prone.

The ultimate in French Cuisine - Frogs Legs with mushrooms built in!