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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hope's Famine - 5th Edition Stats

Hope's Famine was one of the many things I loved in the Shnecke et al game, and I hope it will appear in one of the other games sooner or later. Of course, for this to happen, it has to be converted into the latest rule set - so here it is (and there is some new fluff to go with it).


Hope's Famine (Legendary Wondrous Item)
Requires Attunement by a Warlock

Hope's Famine is a despicable implement, which seems to harbour some kind of vague, malign intelligence. It appears to be crafted from a blackened section of humanoid spinal column, each vertebrae being carved with vile runes of dark magic. A horn curves from one end of it, forming the “head”, whilst teeth and finger bones rattle from sinew at the opposite end.

When attuned to a wielder, Hope's Famine emanates a slight warmth, suggestive of living flesh, and it is said that it wriggles and writhes when it is used to inflict harm, as if savouring the pain it is channelling. Although a lesser legendary item, the Famine has found its way into the possession of many famous anti-heroes, almost always being implicated in their eventual downfall.

The version here only represents its larval stage. Certain tales suggest it can, once it has fed enough on suffering and hate, pupate into something even more terrible, evil and sentient, although there are no clear records as to what this form can do.

Powers And Abilities

  • An individual that is attuned to the Famine permanently lose 1 Hit Dice for as long as they are so joined. However, they also reduce all damage inflicted to them by 3 points.
  • Warlocks can channel their Eldritch Blast and spells through the Rod, gaining a +1 bonus to hit and to damage.
  • Powers channelled through the rod inflicts +7 (2d6) bane damage on a critical hit, or if the target rolls a natural “1” when saving against it.
  • The bearer of the rod may choose to sacrifice 10 hit points to the Rod before making an attack through it. If the attack inflicts damage, it inflicts +2d6 Bane damage on top of the normal damage. The wielder cannot reduce the damage they inflict to themselves in any way.
  • As a Reaction, when the bearer of the rod misses with an attack channelled through it, they may sacrifice 10 hit points to it (there is no way to reduce this damage to themselves), and re-roll the missed attack with advantage. They must use the second result, even if it is worse than the first.
  • 1/ Long Rest, the bearer of the rod may choose to inflict 11 (2d10) points of Bane damage to all allies within 25' of them. For each ally damaged in this way, the next attack made through the Rod inflicts +4 (1d8) Bane damage. The allies are harmed before the attack roll is made, or the targets have to make any saving throws.

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