New Weapon - Maquahuitl (Martial Weapon)

Maquahuitl – Martial Weapon

Cost: 10gp
Damage: 2d4 slashing
Weight: 6lbs
Properties: Versatile (2d6); Brutal 1 Vs Unarmoured (When attacking a target that is unarmoured (or has an AC below 14 despite natural armour), re-roll any damage results of 1 until you roll higher)

Many Ssethrek tribes manufacture these weapons, using either the fangs of large beasts to create its blade, or sharp shards of obsidian. Surprisingly heavy, they are largely made from dense jungle woods, and so, are immune to the effects of rust monsters or similar. The price above is indicative of the price one may expect to pay for an imported example. If buying in an area where they are used, they may be as cheap as 1 gp. 

Almost all Maquahuitl are highly decorated, often bearing sacred or protective inscriptions that guide the warrior's attacks, or keep them from harm.

Not sure if they would cut a can....but pretty sure they will open up a skull or chest quite nicely...