Ancient Armoury - Some "Missing" Weapons (and properties) for 5e

Love it or hate it (I loved it) 4th Edition introduced some very cool properties to weapons. Previous editions, with their varied settings and alternate worlds, have also given us the statistics for an impossible number of swords, staves, axes and other weapons. In many cases, different stats are not really needed in 5e, as you could argue that one bladed weapon is much like another, and that you can re-skin existing weapons to become another you desire*

However, there are some weapons that are too cool and / or different for this to feel (for me at least) "right", and so it only seems right to stat them up. And so I have made a start, spending some time today converting a bunch of weapons that I feel were missing from 5e to the latest rule set, as well as updating a couple of weapon properties from 4e I feel are still awesome.

A quick note: Creating these stats was actually harder than I thought. I used existing weapons for reference, as well as considering the maths involved in their damage, and feel that as a general rule, these weapons are not going to unbalance your game. However, you might want to think about whether they fit thematically, or whether they introduce a degree of rules bloat you'd rather do without.


(I had to do a .pdf as the blog mangled my tables) 

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