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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

PUG Session Notes

I run the Pick Up Game (PUG) about once a fortnight, and it's a game where the baseline expectation is that those that can play changes each week, but that, as long as we have at least two players, the game goes on. This has worked really well, and in most games we have between 5-7 players. However, keeping everyone updated is important, so I write a short summary of the previous game down, and post it on a map on Roll20 (we use Roll20, and if you ever need a virtual table, cannot praise it enough).

Anyway, as I am not getting time to post proper game reports any more (although I am working on a highly abridged version of one for the Ormid game), I thought I would post the last few here, so you can at least get an impression of what's happening!

For 23/6/2015:

Last Session: The Dundorin, Priest, Artificer and Mongrel Gorgoth visited the mausoleum in the Blackwaters graveyard, in order to try and locate the key that Malphas told you about. After a brief skirmish with several Ju-Ju Zombies and a Wight, they began to search the individual sarcophagi...
Against the advice of Danian, the Dundorin broke the seals on several tombs, breaking an ancient binding spell and unleashing a horrific undead that could steal their souls. A terrible battle ensued that nearly saw the party defeated. However, just, they survived and drove the spirit away.
With time, they found the key (which is engraved with strange runes) as well as a longsword who's blade is forged from Obsidian, that is so sharp, it inflicts additional damage on a blow.

They then spoke with the merchant Fendarr, who's caravan is due to leave on the 20/10/13595 - three days later - and it was agreed that you would help guard him and his wares until you reached the town of Gurshem, 150 miles to the south, where Malphas' home awaits...

It is also at this time that Davian tells you he is staying. A Cellinthite priest, he has never worn the full beard or long hair of his order, and he explains that he is a follower of a heretic sect. He fears for his life, should he journey to a more populated area, and so, will stay here, and help to hunt down the spirit in the graveyard that was merely driven off, not destroyed...

For 21/7/2015: The group left Blackwaters despite a growing sense that something truly terrible was approaching the tiny mining town, and headed west with Fendarr's caravan. Much bickering occurred between your party and the mercenaries of "Ransk's Raiders", though you managed to avoid spilling (too much) blood....just. 

However, things went bad fast when you encountered a band of zealot Solumite's in the town of Gelder's Fortune, where the Paladin's own zealotry lead to a brutal show down. Now, with the town guard ordering the group to stand down, things can only get worse as Glorphen, high on righteous indignation and his hate for those that do not worship Zaeathon, tears out the zealot priest's heart in front of them, and takes a nice big bite!

For 4/8/2015: "Run to the hiiiiiillsssss! Run for your life!!!!" Negotiations did not go well. The ranger decided to try and leg it, and everyone else agreed this was a good plan when the hounds were released. More than a few of the guard got to meet their ancestors shortly afterwards. However, things got more than a little nasty when several mercenaries belonging to the infamous Black Legion arrived - though they only saw your backsides as you legged it into the foothills and made your escape. 

Fortunately, Cadence had snuck into the town whilst you were keeping the soldiers busy, and stole their horses, meaning you had fresh mounts to ride on...
...We start the next morning, as the first of your exhausted mounts crash to the floor, and you almost slide from your saddles with weariness...

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